Policies Quality Policy CPT KYPROS MARITIME TRAINING CENTER delivers services that combine knowledge, expertise and sound professional ability. The company provides high quality training services in a reliable and flexible way through a network of collaborators engaged in primary or secondary processes, carefully planned curricula and team work. The objective of the Company’s policy is to deliver high-quality services with flexibility with customisation and low exposure to risk, in a cost effective and transparent way by adhering to National and International Rules and Regulations. Furthermore the Company is committed:  To National and International rules and regulations.  To establishing a quality minded culture in the company aided by measurable quality objectives.  In establishing an efficient and well monitored operations under the company’s quality management system based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.  In the continuous improvement and skill development for staff, in encouraging team work, knowledge sharing and in being a fair employer.  In the continual training of staff and students.  In delivering quality training services for Mariners, Seafarers and Skippers of non-commercial craft.  Continuous review, assessment and improvement of the quality management system through monitored processes and measurable KPIs and proper assessment of the input and output thereto.  In continuously receiving and evaluating of all clients’ feedback, internal and external.  In considering risk at all stages of the company evolution, and in being suitably trained for risk mitigation.  The focal point of works is customer satisfaction and company’s expansion takes this into consideration especially in roles where direct communication with customers or resolving possible issues are foreseen.  In considering opportunities and threats in an articulated way at all pivotal phases.  Management is accountable for the success of the QMS though relevant roles (that of the internal auditor - that may be assigned to suitable third party) and responsibilities (such as management review, reporting of findings thereto etc.).  Management is committed to safeguarding of business continuity and the QMS is designed for ensuring the company carries on with its operations beyond unforeseen events that may take place. Unplanned absence or interruption of works due to other circumstances are manageable under company procedures.  The QMS is designed so that changes to the organisation, organogram or other are planned, well executed and gradual; possible operational disturbance is minimised.  The Training Centre is committed to maintaining and promoting all clauses of the policy statement at all times.  In contacting business transactions in a fair and transparent way with due consideration to the environment and sustainability.

Training Policy  As an international training company, CPT KYPROS MARITIME TRAINING CENTER is committed to quality of training and the safety of students, attendees and trainers. The company Policies and Procedures were specially developed to cover most concerns and reassure our clients and the public of our attention to observing pertinent national and international laws. Establishing the Quality & Training Policies The Company’s policy, as defined by the Director and contained at section 5.2 of the Manual, is readily available to the staff, external providers and the public as necessary. The quality policy is documented and remains current following periodic review as part of the annual management review process or other amendment. Communicating the Quality & Training Policies The company’s policy is communicated internally at the induction stage, through training and on-going performance monitoring. Furthermore, the Company's Quality Policy is circulated in writing and explained to the staff. The policy is displayed in the premises of the Company. It is also, frequently communicated in part or as a whole, widely through noticeboards and in meetings, internally and externally. Organisational Roles, Responsibilities, Authority - Management Commitment CPT KYPROS MARITIME TRAINING CENTER management is committed to the development, implementation and continual improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system. The management of the company identifies and provides all necessary resources on an on-going basis to facilitate continual improvement. The above are achieved through the active involvement of management in: • Communicating within the Company at all levels and externally the importance of meeting customer, Company and regulatory requirements. • Establishing the quality policy shown in section 5.2. • Ensuring that quality objectives are established. • Conducting management reviews,

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Καλημέρα Νικόλα. Το πόσα μέτρα είναι αναλόγως εμπειρίας.
το Κόστος είναι 400 ευρώ

Kαλημέρα. Ο Νικόλας είμαι που έκανα το course για fire fighting από το Πολεμικό Ναυτικό. Ήθελα να ρωτήσω το course για skipper πόσο κοστίζει και για το course για yacht μέχρι 24 μέτρα πόσο κοστίζει;

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Good Morning Yes we offer Basic Safety Training every week

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