Approved from DMS Cyprus and Palau flag Administration

Endorsement of Marshall Island Liberia and Other flags is Possible on Honduras COC

All our STCW Courses are accepted by Cyprus Flag


About us

CPT KYPROS Maritime Center provides a comprehensive range of courses needed to upgrade knowledge, skills and abilities of the seafarers focused mainly to the compliance of STCW 78 as amended and SOLAS provisions and requirements.

CPT KYPROS MTC is the First International Maritime Academy in Cyprus. Was found in 2019. As Maritime Training Center we Provide STCW Courses and Oil & Gas Safety Training & Management Courses.

Furthermore, CPT KYPROS Maritime Training Center has been authorized by the General Directorate of The Merchant Marine of Republic of Honduras to implement their specific procedures for the issuance of their Governmental Certificates of Competence for Bridge, Engine Officers and Cadets, Upgrading of Certificates to the next level for all ranks of Bridge and Engine department.

Maritime Industry is the biggest industry in the World that is Carried 85% for World Trade. More than 50.000 Ships are operate today Globally so is one industry that always has Jobs and opportunities.

The Ship Captain Ensuring safe navigation of the ship, her Passengers, crew and cargo onboard is the Ships Captain’s top priority. Apart from safe navigation, the Master will have to observe the national and international codes of conduct in guiding sea transportation.

The Engineers keep a close eye on all mechanical and electrical equipment on board from propulsion system to cabin facilities to ensure smooth running of the vessel.

At CPT KYPROS Maritime Training Center we have two models of Training. One is Academic Programme With 16 Months Academy and 18 Months Sea Service and you can Hold Certificate as Second Mate (OOW/OCEW) and the Other is Practical education that is 3 Months Academy 18 Months Sea service and after 4 Months Academy and you hold the Certificate of Third Mate / Third Engineer.

Maritime Consultans 

Vessel Registrations & Vessels Inspections



St Kiits & Navis

St Helena,

Falkland Islands,


British Virgin Islands


Ship Management ISM and SMS Manuals Ship's Monitoring

Sales and vessels Deliveries

Cruises and Yachts Charters

Ships Registration under Honduras flag

Advantages of Honduras flag 

Tax free

No nationality of crew restriction

No minimum tonnage restriction

No ship age restrictions

Provide registry for all ships types

Not listed in Paris MOU

Accepts foreign flags bare-boat charter registration




06.08.2022 10:45

I have already 12 month sea service and 2 years experience at related job at workshop, can I have my COC as third engineer after 4 month academic studies.

Thinking you in advance

08.08.2022 03:58


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Καλημέρα Νικόλα. Το πόσα μέτρα είναι αναλόγως εμπειρίας.
το Κόστος είναι 400 ευρώ

10.10 | 08:11

Kαλημέρα. Ο Νικόλας είμαι που έκανα το course για fire fighting από το Πολεμικό Ναυτικό. Ήθελα να ρωτήσω το course για skipper πόσο κοστίζει και για το course για yacht μέχρι 24 μέτρα πόσο κοστίζει;

28.09 | 04:10

Good Morning Yes we offer Basic Safety Training every week

28.09 | 04:09

Good Morning Direct to our e-mail or by phone or W.A 0035799073763

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10.10 | 09:27

Good Morning Sir First of all with 12 Months sea service you can hold for sure Rating COC III/5. For third Engineer it depends from the flag Administration Please send me all your Documents by email.

Kypros Kolios


18.09.2021 07:36

Good day
I would like to know if is possible to apply for CoC engine.

Kypros Kolios

18.09.2021 07:58

Good Day its Possible if you have all requirements for Sea Service and STCW courses. Please send us by email:
your Documents so will be able to answer Properly

Klaus Pedersen

22.01.2021 17:18

Is your courses approved by any administration, if so, can I see the approvsl letter

Kypros Kolios

22.01.2021 17:25

Yes our Maritime is Approved by Honduras Maritime Administration Res.No DGMM/086/20 and is Also Visible on official Website for the flag Administration


03.07.2018 11:06

This trip for 2 hours was my borthday present to my husband, we went for it together. The team showed us how to fish, and it was a great trip and a great fish lunch at home with the fish we caught)))


22.01.2021 19:38

Do you also have an EU approval (EU/EES) country?


10.04.2018 18:22

Ομορφη εκδρομη, εξυπηρετικο προσωπικο που σου παρεχει τα παντα για να ψαρεψεις μαζι με δωρεαν μαθημα για σωστη χρηση του καλαμιου!

Kypros Kolios

23.01.2021 05:18

So for This Reason some Courses are Accepted. As Maritime training Center and Cyprus Company we have all the Licenses to work legal at EU Zone

Kypros Kolios

23.01.2021 05:15

Most of our Courses are under STCW and it depends for the Flag Administration if they accept it or not at EU Region. For all the other Courses it depends for the Country also we are in EU REGION

Michael Cundiff

20.03.2018 13:57

is this available for a private tour tomorrow after the scheduled trip? If so please let me know as soon as possible so we can move forward with booking it. Also a price for how much it will be


25.03.2018 17:57

Dear Sir , Just now i see your Message i am apologies its more easy if you sent me e-mai or call direct 0035799073763
or :0035799204410

Debbie Satchell

22.11.2017 22:25

Fantastic cruise, was the highlight of our holiday, and fantastic crew, nothing was too much trouble for kypros or Ahmed Thank You xx


22.11.2017 20:49

Excellent cruise , nice and comfortable boat very good staff.


22.11.2017 21:03

Thank you George ! I hope we will see you again soon !


20.11.2017 17:24



22.11.2017 21:01

Thank you Ann!!!


20.11.2017 17:14

Φανταστική εμπειρία στο ψάρεμα ..... Πήγα με φίλους μου και είναι εξυπηρετικοί ... Προσιτές τιμές... Το συνιστο παιδιά...


22.11.2017 21:00

Ανδρέα μου σε ευχαριστώ για τα καλά σου λόγια νάσε καλά!!!